Kiln Share 

terms and conditions
Thank you for enquiring about space in my Potterycraft electric kiln.
The shelves are 32cm in diameter and I prop in three places for each shelf. The kiln has a total of 45cm head room and I often divide that head room into three or four shelves
I fire regularly to 1045oc for bisque and 1235 or 1245oc for glaze firing, but can fire to whatever temperature you need if you are happy to have the whole kiln.
Costs:   whole kiln load - £10.40 bisque and £12.65 for stoneware
                 one shelf with 15cm head room - £5.00 bisque and £6.30 stoneware
                 one shelf with  30cm head room - £8.00 bisque and £9.40 stoneware.
*There is space in my small workshop to decorate or glaze your work between bisque and stoneware, free of charge, but I must have advanced notice as the workshop is attached to the house - there again, it does have a ready supply of tea and coffee.
*If you are a beginner, please learn the rule of trapped air in your work ( any trapped air expands faster than the clay and will find a way to escape usually with a loud thud and a shattering of yours and other peoples work, so is to be avoided.)
*I don't fire anything previously commercially fired, or anything made from hand dug clays.
* kiln firing has always been unpredictable until the potter has made and fired many prototypes ironing out any issues, for this reason I take no responsibility for any loss or damage to your ware UNLESS the kiln or myself is at fault, in which case I will refund your fee and re-fire free of charge.
About me:  I am celebrating 50 years in ceramics this year, I've run Folly Pottery for 40 of those years and taught for 30 :-)